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Information & marketing messages

Answer Call Studio™ information & marketing messages are professional sound-recordings of information and marketing regarding your company, broadcast to existing and prospective customers, whilst their call is placed on hold.

The messages are recorded at our in-house recording studio, which is also available for hire. We only work with trained, professional voice artists and our clients are free to choose the voice they feel will represent their company best. We also have the option of providing these messages in any of the South African official languages.

The recorded messages will help your business retain callers while they are placed on hold, and will also make your business sound professional and interesting as a first point of contact when clients phone in.

We take our clients through the entire process from the initial script writing, choosing the appropriate voice and tone of the message to the final installation as well as any future message changes. At Answer Call Studio we pride ourselves on our efficient and effective service and a new client can expect to have their message installed and working 7 days after the initial enquiry. 

To get a feel for the type of voice that you would like to represent your company, please go to 'our voice artists' tab and listen to the demos provided.

It’s your audio value-proposition played to your target while you have their undivided attention!


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