BRM Brands

Every business in the world, no matter its size, benefits from tactically developing a brand and maintaining it as a recognizable representation of the organization. A strong brand identity propels it to the forefront of those consumer attitudes which facilitate their spending decisions.

Simply put, an effective brand illustrates to the public a company's product or niche, and highlights what sets it apart from its competitors. It combines a number of major factors, including marketing and public relation efforts, logo and promotional material, communication efforts, and core values.

Branding efforts allow businesses to differentiate themselves from their competition and gives them a leg to stand on in the minds of consumers. It attaches a personality and attitude to the product and the company that produces it. This personality is what people relate to, establishing relationships with consumers. This, in turn, encourages brand loyalty, which cements the company's future in the market. Furthermore, the establishment of brand consistency creates a platform for the company to stand on in order to get messages out to its audience.

With a partnership with AnsaCall, attaining and maintaining Audio Brand Consistency is a cinch. Allow us to extend your PABX's Auto-Attendant and Message on Hold abilities to your company!

This is how you could be greeting and entertaining your suppliers and customers alike: 

Auto Attendant

Message on Hold

Convey important information about specials, year-end operating hours and dates and simply prevent hangups.

Email Eve at sales@ansacall.co.za today to get that all important brand consistency you know you need!