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  1. Welcome to Aveng DFC, a division of Aveng Africa Pty Ltd.
  2. Aveng DFC strives to be a global, world-class manufacturer and supplier of valves and pumps in the water, effluent and mineral processing industries.
  3. Aveng DFC is the largest valve manufacturer on the African continent and manufactures well-known valve brands. Aveng DFC exports its products to 129 countries around the globe and is also a leading solutions provider for water pipeline protection, active pressure and water loss management.
  4. Aveng DFC aims at constantly doing research of what the market wants and use this measured approach to penetrate markets in South and North America, Australia and selected areas of Europe through its own subsidiaries such as Vent-O-Mat Australia, RF Valves Finland and RF Valves USA.
  5. Aveng DFC has been rated as a level 2 Triple BEE contributor.
  6. Visit our website, www.dfc.co.za, for comprehensive information on Aveng DFC’s solutions for your project.




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