At AnsaCall we are craftsmen in providing only the best, most professional Message On-Hold solutions for our customers    

Have you considered your callers' experience when they call Air Filter Maintenance Services?

They are either met with a ringing phone, or even worse a cold auto-attendant voice that repeats "your call will be answered soon, your call will be answered soon, your call will be answered soon".

And when they do get through to someone they will most likely be placed on hold during the call.

Now you have a choice of what you want your customer to listen to:

  • "Dead air", or silence? Caller may just hang up and call another supplier
  • The dreaded "Ice cream truck" melodies? This screams unprofessional when compared to your competitors
  • A robotic and undynamic voice repeating "your call is important to us, please hold"? Is it really that important?
  • The AnsaCall solution? Fresh, new messages every month advertising your products, keeping your caller engaged. Operating hours. Contact details. New projects. New physical address? The possibilities are endless!


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This is how we believe your PABX should be greeting your customers:




Here are just some of our Clients that agree that Answer Call Studio is the best Message On Hold provider in South Africa