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Message On Hold and Auto Attendant solutions

Custom recorded messages installed for your business PABX systems

Messages recorded in the voice of your choice 

Messages recorded in the language of your choice

Message changes instituted within 2-4 days of client request

All software provided by Answer Call Studio

Flexible, client-orientated payment options

As the client, you can choose your rate of message changes and implement any and all scripts detailing any of your business information. 

 Studio Hire

  • Our voice recording studio is available for hire!
  • The studio hire is R1,500 per hour and production fees are R350 per hour. Prior arrangement is required to book the studio and all bookings and queries can be made on the contact us page.

Telephone etiquette training

Training outline:  

  • Introduction  and Ice-breaker
  • First  impressions count- discussion and practical application of office  etiquette
  • 15  minute tea break
  • “You are the face of the company” – discussion on dealing with upset and angry callers, correct greeting on the phone, use of appropriate vocabulary when addressing clients and colleagues
  • Office dress code - discussion and practical examples. How the dress code influences your success and represents your company.
  • 30 minute break
  • Making the most of your voice - Voice exercises and tips in our in-house recording studio
  • Practical session on answering the telephone, manners, voice projection and vocabulary